Kaljaasi's 2023 Program

Here is a taste of what to expect in Kaljaasi 2023:


On Sunday, one of Finland's most popular rap bands, Gasellit, will entertain the party crowd at Kaljaasi! The Gasellit band consists of four members Päkä, Hätä-Miikka, Thube Hefner and Musajusa. The band was founded in 2008, but in the last few years Gaselli's popularity has exploded and the band is touring all over Finland in the form of festivals and club gigs!


On Monday, the atmosphere of Kaljaasi will be maintained by the hugely popular rap artist Cledos! The 24-year-old rapper from Rastila rose to fame in 2017 with his self-released debut single "Töis", after which his career has continued to soar.

Checkpoint Rally

Gather your own crew and go on a fantastic adventure on Sunday or Monday! Go around the ship to 10 different checkpoints with your team. At the checkpoints, teams will perform various time-travel-related tasks and Kaljaasi's collaborators will evaluate the team's performance. Those with the most points will win great exclusive prizes. The 3 best teams will be awarded!

Spa Party

Start the day with a relaxing jacuzzi party and wash the scents of Kaljaasi from your skin from the previous evening. DJ Johnny Ryder will play music suitable for the mood, the bar is open and the most daring of swimmers have a chance to win drink tickets.

Costume Contest

Kaljaasi would be nothing without the thematic outfits. Who will bring home the grand prize for best costume this year? Registration for the costume contest is done in advance on Sunday on the ship. You don't have to be dressed in the competition outfit when registering. There are limited places for the costume contest. You can participate in the competition as an individual or as a team. The contestants are invited to the stage in numerical order and the judges will choose the most amazing outfits and characters. You don't want to miss this!

Hangover Bingo & Quiz

Whose hangover is horizontal and who's vertical? Kaljaasi's most legendary, driest, and enduring favorite for all begins on the trip back to Helsinki. The fastest ones will win prizes and the hungover ones can get help from the bar counter. D-A-R-R-A! --- Are you Kaljaasi's own Einstein or another great wizard? A quiz straight from the world of history, the future, and other dimensions of time. Take part alone or as a team in a playfully fun quiz.


Complete the Kalja-Appro bar crawl by picking your choice of poison in the designated bars on the ship, and at the end you will receive a coverall patch as a reward. The coverall patch is a three-part patch, and it is possible to complete it by participating in Kaljaasi's Kalja-Appro each year. The appro pass is free, but everyone buys their own drinks. For each purchased drink, you get a stamp from the bartender on your appro pass. The appro passes is limited to 600 copies, so be ready to get yours.


Partyband Illansuu brings artist-level charisma to the stage and a unique show that will make the dance floor heat up and make even the stiffest of hips sway! Despite their young age, the band has had time to play together for years, and their skills have been accumulated from numerous different gigs. The versatile program covers a wide range of music, from pop/rock classics to today's hits, but the main focus is on high-quality performed and arranged party songs.

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