What is Kaljaasi?

Kaljaasi is a cruise you will still remember during May Day, and by Midsummer, you will be waiting for the next one. Since 2008, Kaljaasi has taken party people from Helsinki to Stockholm and back in November. The M/S Silja Symphony's Charter departure is loaded with versatile programs, artists, and parties that continue until the morning. The annually changing theme, competitions, activities, and the opportunity to visit Stockholm (taking travel restrictions into account) make Kaljaasi a unique event. Welcome to the 41-hour student party!

The organizer is Metka student services Ltd.

Seuraava Kaljaasi risteillään syksyllä 2023.


Ticket Sale

Kaljaasi 2022 is sold out.

Schedules and Check-in

Distribution of boarding passes and check-in at the port from 12:30 to 16:15
Boarding the ship starts at 13:00
Silja Symphony leaves Helsinki at 17:00. 


Landing and boarding in Stockholm between 9:45 and 16:15.
Silja Symphony leaves Stockholm at 16:45 Swedish time.
You must be back on the ship by 16:15 at the latest. 


Silja Symphony arrives in Helsinki at 10:30.
Please note that the cabins must be handed over immediately when the ship arrives in Helsinki


Check-in and the distribution of boarding passes take place at Tallink Silja Line's Olympia Terminal. Tickets are distributed based on the passenger’s last name and handed over once shown a valid ID. Each passenger picks up their own ticket. Passengers who purchased a member-priced ticket will need to show their valid student union membership. You do not need the ticket in or the booking confirmation sent via email with you to the port.

Boarding begins with a security check at 13:00, after which passengers are directed to the Starlight Nightclub to wait for the cabin cleaning to be completed. The Sunflower Oasis spa is also open. You are able to enter the cabins after 15:30. Tickets must be collected by 16:15 and the ship must be boarded at 16:45 at the latest. Be prepared for traffic jams and get there on time! If you can't pick up your ticket before 16:15, please let us know well in advance by email.

2022 Theme and Program

This year’s theme for Kaljaasi 2022 is Fantasy – Magic & Myths.

Fantasy is an illusion that awakens the sense of wonder in a student and contains supernatural or impossible worlds, beings, or objects. A fantasy cruise is a mystical and magical event that transcends everyday experience, where supernatural or mythological creatures such as wizards, fairies, unicorns, ghosts, monsters, dragons, elves or goblins often appear in the corridors.

Check out and get inspired in advance by such examples as:
Fairy tales and stories, magic, witches, mysticism, fortune tellers and sorcerers, ancient mythologies, Kalevala, Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Game of Thrones, Euphoria (HBO series), The Witcher, Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, The Sandman...

Restaurants and Dining

The price of the Kaljaasi ticket includes one meal voucher. 

While booking a trip, each passenger chooses either a buffet meal and the buffet time, or an open meal coupon that can be used as a means of payment in all of the ship's restaurants. The meal coupon is included in the Kaljaasi ticket.

If you wish, you can additionally buy breakfasts or several meal vouchers in advance.

Breakfast coupon, in advance – €13 (Valid at the breakfast buffet or cafe, value on board €13)
Breakfast buffet, on board – 19 €

Buffet dinner, in advance – 39 €
Buffet dinner, on board – 48 €

Open meal coupon, in advance – 39 € (Value on board 39 €)

If purchased in advance, the Buffet and Seafood breakfast will be cheaper than if purchased on board.

The buffet time is reserved during the ticket booking process. The passenger will then receive a color-coded buffet coupon during check-in at the port, which entitles them to that specific buffet time.

Buffet times available:

Sunday at 16:30
Sunday at 18:30
Sunday at 20:30

Monday at 16:45
Monday at 19:30


No table reservations.

In addition to food, the price of the buffet dinner includes drinks (beer, wine, water, soft drinks, and coffee)

Instead of a meal voucher that entitles you to a buffet meal, you can choose to have an open meal coupon. The open meal coupon must be used once. The coupon does not have to be used at the ship's buffet, but can instead be used as a valid means of payment in all the ship's restaurants. You can also pay for several meals at the same time with one coupon.

If you wish, you can buy several meal vouchers in advance or pay for meals normally on board. If you wish to eat at the Grande Buffet restaurant, please reserve the buffet time already during the booking process of the trip, as the Buffet times may be sold out by the time of the trip.

A paid meal voucher cannot be canceled. Meal vouchers are only sold during the booking process and are delivered with each passenger's own boarding pass. 

Table reservations
Table reservations cannot be made in advance for restaurants for Kaljaasi.

The Buffet and Seafood breakfast is served at the Grande Buffet restaurant
Monday from 8:00 – 9:45
Tuesday from 8:00 – 10:30

You can buy one or two breakfast coupons in advance or purchase them later on board.

Please note, that the Buffet and Seafood breakfast can be bought on board at an increased price. Purchased breakfasts are marked on the passenger's boarding pass.

The breakfast coupon can also be used as a valid means of payment, e.g. Mundo until 13:00.

The Tavolata and BonVivant restaurants do not provide a special breakfast service during Kaljaasi.

During Kaljaasi, Some of the ship's restaurants have a different menu from their usual cruising menu.

Grande Buffet

Monday from 8:00 - 9:45
Tuesday from 8:00 - 10:30

Dinner: The buffet time is reserved during the ticket booking process.


Hamburger buffet - 25€
Price includes the hamburger buffet and a fountain drink (dessert not included)
Monday from 15:00 - 22:00
Eating time 60 min 


Opening Times:
Sunday from 17:00 - 22:00
Monday from 16:45 - 21:45
Restaurants' Kaljaasi Menu during the cruise.

Bon Vivant

Opening Times:
Sunday from 17:00 - 22:00
Monday from 17:00 - 22:00
Restaurants' Kaljaasi Menu during the cruise.


Opening Times:
Open during the whole cruise
Night menu from 22:30 - 5:00


Opening Times:
Sunday from 15:30 - 22:00
Maanantaina 15.00-22.00

Grill House

Opening Times:
Sunday from 17:00 - 22:30
Monday from 17:00 - 22:30

Food during the Night

Including Mundo, night food stands will be placed in front of Starlight and Bon Vivant on both nights from 23:00 - 4:00.

Happy Lobster

Closed during the cruise

Shopping on Board

Please prefer the use of card payment instead of cash.

Tax-Free is open for passengers normally throughout the journey. On Sunday, the only entrance to Tax-Free will be from Deck 7. The exit is through Deck 6. A limited number of customers are allowed into the Tax-Free store at one time. According to Swedish law, the age limit for buying alcohol at Tax-Free is 20 years old when traveling between Helsinki and Stockholm.

Club One members can indicate their card number during the booking process. The card is still normally presented on the cruise in connection with purchases. Tallink Silja Line does not refund points afterwards.

Club One is a rewarding loyalty program with three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Joining is free for you, and now you can directly access the Club One Silver level as a member benefit. When joining, just add Kaljaasi's membership benefit number in the field reserved for it on the application form.

If you are already at the Bronze level, and you are the main cardholder of the account, then you can add the membership benefit number to your Club One account information by sending an email to

Become a Club One member 

Use the membership benefit number when applying for the Club One membership: 5060

Changes and Cancellations

The travel reservation is binding and the paid trip cannot be cancelled. If necessary, the travel ticket can be transferred to another person.

Kaljaasi travel reservations are binding, and paid travel cannot be canceled. However, we can replace the passenger with another person for a change fee. Please note, that the cabin class cannot be changed after the reservation has been made. When one passenger is replaced by another, the selected meals are also transferred to the new passenger. 

Please also note, that forwarding a ticket does not count as a passenger change, as all passenger changes are made on a separate form. Until October 9th, passenger information can be manually changed from the ticket in your wallet. 

A passenger's name and other personal information can be changed according to the following change fee schedule.

Change Fees

  • 0 €/change when the change/modification is made by October 9th, 2022
  • 5 €/change when the change/modification is made between October 10th - 31st 2022
  • 10 €/change when the change/modification is made between November 1st - 8th 2022
  • 15 €/change when change/modification is made between November 9th – 11th 2022 
  • After November 11th, 2022, all changes must be made at the Port of Helsinki's info desk on Sunday, November 13th 2022 from 12:00 to 13:00. Change fee is 15€

The following information is required when changing passengers:

  • Order ID (The order ID can be found in the order confirmation sent to the travel manager. Note! The ticket number is different from the order ID)
  • Name and date of birth of the original passenger
  • Name and date of birth of the new passenger
  • The nationality of the new passenger 
  • Email address of the new passenger
  • A valid student union membership, if they have (METKA, Laureamko, Helga, O'Diako, HUMAKO) (Note! exchange students are always considered members)
  • Study place, if studying (Metropolia, Haaga-Helia, Laurea, Diak, Humak, etc.)
  • Possible Club One card number of the new passenger

If the organizer cancels the event, passengers will be refunded the ticket price paid, excluding the 5 euro service fee. Kaljaasi reserves the right to make changes related to the trip if official instructions or requirements change before the trip due to infectious diseases or other events beyond the control of the organizer. 

Safety, Rules, and Regulations

Kaljaasi strives to be as safe of an event as possible, and we take that into account in all our activities. The Kaljaasi team works closely with Tallink Silja, to plan and arrange the event in accordance with the official guidelines. Kaljaasi reserves the right to make any changes.

The ship complies with Tallink Silja Line’s rules and regulations, as well as, current alcohol regulations. The ship's rules and regulations and other rules affecting the cruise can be found on the shipping company's website.

Prohibited substances and objects are not confiscated during the security check, but must be left in the terminal kiosk’s paid storage or thrown into the trash. Bringing your own alcoholic beverages on board is prohibited.

Passengers must follow the rules and regulations of the shipping company, as well as, and the shipmaster's orders regarding order and safety. The passenger must compensate the shipping company in full for any damage caused by their carelessness and/or negligence. The ship's staff is entitled to remove any passengers causing trouble and drop them off at the nearest port.


Event security will perform a security check for everyone at the departure terminal. They will check that no items prohibited at the event are brought onto the ship.

Prohibited items include:
- Alcohol products and other intoxicating substances
– Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and electric mopeds
– Firearms and weapons
– Explosives, fireworks, flares, lasers, and spray paint
– Pets

Prohibited substances and objects are not confiscated for storage during the security check, but must be instead left in the terminal kiosk’s paid storage or thrown in the trash.

First Aid

The ship has a first aid station and a nurse on duty. The ship's staff helps and instructs in situations requiring first aid.



Tänä vuonna Kaljaasilla on kaksi häirintäyhdyshenkilöä, METKAn hallituksen jäsenet Adel Rizvi ja Miitta Vahvelainen.


Häirintäyhdyshenkilöt tarjoavat apua, tukea ja neuvoja opiskelijoille, jotka ovat kokeneet Kaljaasilla häirintää tai haluavat puhua itseensä tai muihin kohdistuneesta asiattomasta käytöksestä. Adel ja Miitta ovat tavattavissa maanantaina 14.11 klo 10–12 laivan Conference-kokoustilassa, kansi 6. Heihin voi ottaa yhteyttä myös METKAn häry-lomakkeen kautta.


In emergency situations during the trip, always contact the ship's info or security. If you need to contact the travel organizer during the trip, contact the ship's info, or alternatively, you can try to reach Kaljaasi via Facebook Messenger or by phone.

You can also ask a Kaljaasi team member for instructions if necessary. You can recognize a Kaljaasi team member from their Kaljaasi-passes. Remember to take good care of yourself and your friends!