Booking the tickets

Booking starts in September 2020. Exact time will be announced closer to the event. The event has an age limit of 18.

One person (contact person) will be responsible for booking the whole cabin and paying the reservation as a single payment. The bookings are binding.

Note! To speed up the booking process the tour leader should find out the following details of each passenger in the cabin before the ticket sale starts.

  • First and Last name
  • Date of Birth (i.e. 01.01.1995)
  • Nationality
  • Valid email address
  • Are you a member of METKA, HELGA, O'Diako or Lauraemko? (Exchange students are considered as members)
  • Field of study (Culture, Business, Health Care and Social Services, Technology or other)
  • The amount of food vouchers (If you wish to dine on Sunday at the buffet, you need to fill the time of the setting during the booking)
  • Number of the Club One-card (Optional)

Note that only the contact person receives the confirmation from the payment, which includes all the cabin and passenger details. The confirmation is sent to the email address registered to If you don´t receive confirmation within 10 minutes, please contact the Kaljaasi team via email. Remember to check your spam folder.

The confirmation is not a personal ticket. All passengers will get the tickets at the harbour by showing their official ID. If needed, your friend can forward the confirmation, in case you haven’t received it. Please be thorough when booking the cabin and filling in your cabin friends’ information, because all the travel information will be sent to the emails given in the reservation.

Age limit

The age limit for the cruise is 18 years. 

Every passenger has to have been turned 18 by the departure day. Be prepared to prove your age to Tallink Silja Line crew if needed. Kaljaasi recommends to take with you a valid passport. Read more here.

Schedules and handing out the tickets

Check-in starts 12:30 on Sunday 01.11.2020 at Tallink Silja´s Olympiaterminal. The tickets will be given out to everyone PERSONALLY in exchange for a valid identification (passport, ID-card). You don’t need the ticket on or the confirmation sent via email with you at the harbour.

  • Boarding begins at 13:00 and all passengers will be guided to the ship. You may enter your cabin at 15:30!
  • Check-in ends at 16:15! Boarding closes at 16:30. The ship will departure at 17:00.

If you can't make it to the terminal on time, contact us well ahead via email. In this case we will give the ticket to another person in your cabin.

Cruise program and dining

All times presented on the program  are in local time (HEL-STO Finnish time, STO-HEL Swedish time).

The cruise program and special offers can be found on Kaljaasi’s program page.

The best way to get the latest updates is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Changes and extra activities are possible. All rights reserved.

Booking and cancellation

All bookings are binding, and the trip must be paid as a whole during the booking process. The payment can be done by anyone that has a valid bank card (Credit/Debit: MasterCard, Visa or Electron cards). Notice the possible payment limit on the card! A paid cruise cannot be cancelled. However, it’s possible to make changes to given passenger informationNote that the cabin class cannot be changed after a paid reservation.

Also note that forwarding the ticket doesn’t count as a passenger change. Changes must be made on a separate form.

In exceptions contact the Kaljaasi team  via email if any problems or exceptions occur. 

All passengers travelling in the same cabin must be booked at once. Partial reservations are not possible. Note that you can only make one reservation under one person’s details! We will charge a service fee for the changes according the following price table.

Service fees:

  • 5€/a service fee, when the change is made no later than 4th October 2020
  • 8€/a service fee, when the change is made between 5th and 19th October 2020 (by 4 pm)
  • 12€/a change, when the switch/change is made after October 19th at 4 pm. The form is open until October 31st, 2020. Changes made on the day of departure are made in the harbour at the info desk.

When changing a passenger you must include the following information to the notification:

  • The reservation number
  • The original passenger's full name and date of birth
  • The new passenger's name and date of birth
  • Nationality of the new passenger
  • The new passenger's email.
  • Is the new passenger a member of a student union? Which? (Exchange students are always treated as members)

You can register any passenger changes here.

    Rules and regulations

    In order to ensure the comfort, safety and security of all persons on board, passengers are to follow these safety regulations set by Tallink Silja Line. More information about rules and regulations can be found on Tallink Silja Line page.

    Alcohol or other prohibited items (i.e. loudspeakers) found during security checks will be advised to be thrown away or stored to the safety boxes at the harbor.

    A passenger who has caused damage with his/her activities to the property of the ship is obliged to fully compensate the damage caused.

    A disturbing passenger can be expelled from the ship by the staff in the port of departure or in the next port and they could be given over to the police.

    In emergencies passengers must follow the usual safety regulations of the ship. 

    You will recognize the travel organizers from the Kaljaasi-tag around the neck. These people will help you with any questions.


    Travel and ticket inquiries:

    We don't take reservations via phone or email!

    Promotion and advertising slots:

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