Kaljaasi 2019 info

Booking the tickets

Booking starts on 27th September 2019 at noon.
One person will be responsible for booking the whole cabin. This person will also pay the the cabin as single payment when making the reservation.
Note! You will need the following details from every passenger before booking the cruise:

  • First and Last name
  • Date of Birth (i.e. 01.01.95)
  • Nationality (if not Finnish)
  • Valid email addresses for every passenger
  • Is anyone of you a member of METKA, HELGA, HUMAKO, O'Diako or LAUREAMKO? (Exchange students are treated as members).
  • Field of study for every passenger (Culture, Business, Health Care and Social Services, and Technology)
  • The amount of additional food vouchers? If you wish to dine on Sunday at the buffet, you need to fill the time of the setting during the booking. See the settings from the section "Cruise program and dining" below.
  • Optional; Number of the Club One-card

Reservation must be paid by the contact person at the time of making the reservation (Credit/Debit: Mastercard, Visa or Visa Electron).  All passengers will get a confirmation to their e-mail. If you don´t receive confirmation within 10 minutes, please contact Kaljaasi through email. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FIRST! Bookings are binding and the whole booking must be paid AS SINGLE PAYMENT when making the reservation.

Note! We can only deliver the confirmation to a valid email address, so make sure to fill in this information with care.

Note that only the person who makes the reservation (aka. contact person) receives the confirmation from the payment, which includes all the cabin and passenger details. The confirmation is sent to the email address registered to Kide.app account.

Schedules and handing out the tickets

Handing out the tickets:

  • Check-in starts around 12.30pm on Sunday 3rd of November 2019 at Tallink Silja´s Olympiaterminal. The tickets have been organized into alphabetical order, according to last name.
  • The tickets will be given out to everyone PERSONALLY.
  • All passengers have to show a valid identification (passport, ID-card). No need for a printed booking confirmation.
  • Security checks will begin at 1pm and all passengers will be guided to the Starlight night club. You may not enter your own cabin earlier than 3.30pm!
  • Check-in ends at 4.15pm! Please come early, there is about 2500 students checking in at the same time; there will be long lines. If you can't make it to the terminal by 4.15pm because of force majeure, contact us well ahead via email. In this case we will give the ticket to another person in your cabin.
  • We recommend you arrive at the terminal before 3.30pm
  • The boarding begins at 2pm and the boarding closes at 4.30pm. The ship will departure at 5pm.
When does the boarding close? Can I still go on board after the check-in closes?

You must get on board latest 30 minutes before departure. Boarding closes at 4.30pm..

How long are we staying in Stockholm?

The ship arrives in Stockholm at 9.45am (local time) and departs at 4.45pm (local time). You need to board by 4.15pm (local time). Note! The time in Sweden is 1 hour less than in Finland! (Time zone: CET)

If I miss the ship or check-in, can I get my money back?

Passengers must be able to take care of themselves and arrive in time.
We can not refund the money, if you miss these given times.

Departure and arrival times (Local time)



Age limit

The age limit for the cruise is 18 years.
Prepare to show your ID to the personnel on board. We recommend that you bring a valid travel document with you (i.e. passport). Read more here.

What if the passenger turns 18 during the cruise?

All passengers must be 18 or over when the cruise begins.

Can I still come to Kaljaasi if I am under 18?

Unfortunately not. Welcome on board when you are old enough!

Cruise program and dining

All times presented on the program leaflet are on local time (HEL-STO Finnish time, STO-HEL Swedish time). Changes and extra activities are possible and likely. All rights reserved.

What kind of activities are on board? Do we get any special offers?

The cruise program can be found on page "Program". The cruise program will be published in October. Any special offers will be announced in the program leaflet.
The best way to get the latest updates is to follow us on Facebook.
Like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram and join the Kaljaasi 2019 event.

What does the ticket price include?

Kaljaasi will take you on an amazing adventure both on land and at sea. In addition to traditional and exclusive activities, we will also offer some nourishment for the the body. Every passenger will receive a food voucher (value 43€), which won't leave any of you starving or thirsty!

The voucher is valid for a single buffet dinner OR it can be used as payment in the other restaurants. The buffet includes also beverages (beer, wine, water, soda, coffee and tea).

What time are the buffet settings and how do I reserve them?

The buffet settings are on Sunday at 4.30pm and 7.30pm (Dining time 2h).
About 500 people will fit in each setting. The time of the desired setting(s) will be chosen when booking the ticket!

If you make a reservation to a specific buffet setting, please note that your food voucher is only valid for this setting!

On Monday the buffet does not have specific settings, so dining will happen freely in appearance order. You are able to book the buffet before hand, but without booking a table/setting. To ensure the buffet on Monday, buy the voucher when booking. Places are sold on board to buffet only if there are any left. The buffet opens 4.45pm.

On Monday it is possible to eat at the hamburger buffet! The buffet includes of course drinks (does not include dessert). The buffet can't be pre-reserved and hasn't got a separate servings. Open: Monday 2pm-8pm. Price 25€/person.

Do I have to go to the buffet to use my voucher?

No. The voucher is valid as payment in any other restaurant on board. The reservations for these must be done on board.

The voucher can also be used as a payment for multiple meals. So if Betsy and Wetsy are both hungry, they can both have meals in a restaurant. If Betsy's meal costs 21 € total and Wetsy's 22€, they can pay with only one of their vouchers. If Betsy pays the food today, Wetsy can pay for food tomorrow :)
More info on ship's restaurants and buffet can be found here.

Can I buy more than one food voucher?

Yes, you can buy multiple vouchers while booking the cruise or pay your food on board.
Note! The food vouchers are a bit cheaper when bought in advance!

Voucher bought in advance:

39 € (value 43€)12 € (value 13€)

Vouchers bought on board:

43 € (value 43€)13 € (value 13€)

Breakfast vouchers and dining vouchers, not used during the breakfast buffet or buffet/restaurant, must be used before 1pm at ship's cafe. Note! If you wish to change the time of the buffet setting, please contact the buffet staff well BEFORE the original setting time.

Booking and cancellation

Bookings are binding. The cruise must be payed in full at the time of reservation.
We can however switch passengers. If need for a switch contact us here.
In the events of force majeure contact the Kaljaasi team by mail.


If someone registered to the cabin can not make the trip, we recommend searching for new cabin mates as replacements. This way nobody has to pay for the trip in vain :)
We will charge a service fee for the changes according the following price table. All service fees are collected per change. The service fee must be paid at the time of making the change (Credit/Debit: Mastercard, Visa or Visa Electron).

Service fees:

  • 5 € service fee, when the change is made no later than 6th October 2019
  • 8 € service fee, when the change is made between 7th and 20th October 2019 (by 4pm)
  • 12 € service fee, when the change is made after 20th October 2019 (at 4pm)

NOTE! Changes that are made between 31st October (after 6pm) and 3rd November 2019 must be notified on the day of departure in terminal between 1pm - 4pm. A service fee of 12€ will be changed.

When changing a passenger you must include the following information to the notification:

  • The reservation number
  • The original passenger's full name and date of birth
  • The new passenger's name and date of birth
  • Nationality of the new passenger (if not Finnish)
  • The new passenger's email.
  • Is the new passenger a member of a student union? Which? (Exchange students are always treated as members)

You can register any passenger changes here.

Passengers themselves have to make sure they are in the right place at the right time. We cannot return money for e.g. unused dining vouchers.

I am a Club One member. Can I get points from Kaljaasi?

Yes, you can fill in your Club One number to the reservation form. Remember to take your club card with you, so you can collect points during the trip. Card must be presented in the beginning of the purchase. Tallink Silja is not responsible to give you points afterwards.

What if my contact person can not pay the reservation?

The payment can be done by anyone that has a valid bank card (Credit/Debit: MasterCard, Visa or Visa Electron).

Is it possible to book a special cabin for person with allergies or a handicap?

Yes, both are available in cabin class A. Please book the special cabin from the normal booking. The price will be same as a normal class A cabin. Check the price from the page Prices.

Can we make a reservation and fill the passenger details later?

No, all the passengers and their details must be added when making the reservation.
Note! Passenger with same name and date of birth, can only have one reservation at the time. You can later change the passengers if needed and a a service fee will be charged.

You can register any passenger changes here.

I am an exchange student. Am I a member of a student union?


Can you hook us up with some cabin mates?

Unfortunately no. You can ask cabin mates from Facebook. Kaljaasi is not responsible for any agreed contacts.

Can we change our cabin class?

Unfortunately after payment, the cabin class can't be changed.

What if I can't attend and need to cancel the trip?

See Booking and cancellation.

Can I buy more or cancel food vouchers after paying them?

Paid food vouchers can not be cancelled. Vouchers can be bought only when booking the cruise.

Can I pay my trip with cash?

Unfortunately no. The cruise can only be paid for through the booking system and payed for with a valid card at reservation.

Why I have not received my booking confirmation (immediately) after paying? Or why hasn't my email been answered (immediately)?

In case you haven't gotten a confirmation mail please check your spam folder if the mail isn't found there then contact us through mail. We try to answer all the emails within two days. With very urgent matters, please contact us via Facebook m.me/kaljaasi.

Note that only the person who makes the reservation (aka. contact person) receives the confirmation from the payment, which includes all the cabin and passenger details. The confirmation is sent to the email address registered to Kide.app account.

Why do we need to pay for an empty spot? Can't we get  a discount?

The price of the cabins are set and split between inhabitants of the cabin. The full price of the cabin and price per person is calculated by how many people are staying in the cabin and then split between them. Also the amount of student union members staying in the cabin affects the price.

Rules and regulations

In order to ensure the comfort, safety and security of all persons on board, passengers are to follow these security regulations set by Tallink Silja Line, instructions on safety and security given by the personnel of the ship or as stipulated by signs placed on board. The acting crew represents the ship's captain regarding the keeping of order, safety and security of the ship. Read the rules on the Tallink Silja Line page

Alcohol, smoking and prohibited items

Consumption of your own alcoholic beverages is prohibited on board. Passengers' baggage will be randomly checked in the terminal before boarding the ship by Tallink Silja Line. Alcohol or other prohibited items (i.e. amplifiers) found during these checks, will be advised to be thrown away or stored to the safety boxes at the harbour. Any items will not be confiscated, but put in storage boxer or thrown away, but you will not be allowed to enter the boat with these. Tallink Silja Line will be responsible for all the terminal operations.

More than one restaurant can be found on board, so certainly plenty of drinks are available! Also, the ship's buffet serves beverages during meals (beer & wine). This means all you can drink :)

Tax Free

Tallink Silja Line will be responsible for the ship's normal operations during the cruise. Tax Free -shop is open as usual and you will be able to buy drinks, candy, snacks, souvenirs or tobacco with a bit cheaper price. Remember that you are not allowed to consume any alcohol bought from Tax Free on board!
According the Swedish law, you must be 20 years old to buy alcohol from the Tex Free on the way to Stockholm.


Smoking is only allowed on 7th deck, left side of the boat or on 12th deck inside the smoking room.

Passenger obligations and emergencies

Passenger obligations

Passengers are to follow the security regulations, instructions on safety and security given by the personnel of the ship or as stipulated by signs placed on board.

You are not allowed to consume any alcohol bought from Tax Free on board. The passenger should consider the comfort of co-passengers on board, no disruptive behavior is allowed in the cabins or the cabin corridors.

Passengers are only allowed to stay on premises meant for passengers!

Smoking in passenger rooms and cabins of the ship is forbidden. Smoking is allowed only in places with according signs that are meant for that purpose.

A passenger who has caused damage with his/her activities to the property of the ship by its breaking, theft or other damage, is obliged to fully compensate the damage caused.

A disturbing passenger could be expelled by the staff from the ship in the port of departure or in the next port and they could be given over to the police.

Read more about the security regulation here.


During an emergency always contact the ship's personnel or security. If you require to contact the travel organizer, you can try to contact us from the ship's information desk or try to reach us by facebook/phone.

You will recognize the travel organizers from the Kaljaasi-tag around the neck. These people will help you with any questions. Remember to take care of yourselves and your buddies!