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Booking starts later. The exact time will be announced closer to the event.

To ensure a smooth booking transaction, please register to before the actual ticket sale!

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One person will be responsible for booking the whole cabin and paying the reservation as a single payment. The bookings are binding. You will need the following details from every passenger when booking:

First and Last name Date of Birth (i.e. 01.01.1995) Nationality Valid email address Are you a member of METKA, HELGA, O'Diako or Laureamko? (Exchange students are considered as members). Field of study (Culture, Business, Health Care and Social Services, and Technology) The amount of food vouchers? If you wish to dine on Sunday at the buffet, you need to fill the time of the setting during the booking. Optional; Number of the Club One-card.

All bookings are binding, and the trip must be paid as a whole during the booking process. The payment can be done by anyone that has a valid bank card (Credit/Debit: MasterCard, Visa or Electron-cards).

Please note that problems with card purchases may occur during the cruise, so it’s wise to take some cash with you!

The age limit for the cruise is 18 years. Every passenger has to have been turned 18 by the departure day.

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