Tomorrow it’s here!

Reminder of important thing at the harbour:

-Check-in starts 6.11.2016, at 1:00pm.

-The tickets have been organized in to alphabetical order, according to LAST NAME, so if your name would be Jenna Davidson your ticket would be found behind the desk marked A-E.

-The tickets will be given out to everyone PERSONALLY and all passengers have to show proper identification (passport, ID-card).

-Check-in ends at 4.15pm! Please come early, there is more than two thousand students checking in at the same time; there will be long lines.

-You may enter the ship 2.00pm and gates will be closed 4.30pm. Ship leaves at 5.00pm.

-Security checks are done before entering the boat. The security checks will begin 2.00pm.

-You may enter the cabins 3.30pm

-Remember your ID and student card, if you have one.

-If you have booked a buffet setting beforehand, check that you have a colorful coupon in your envelope with correct setting time. NOTE THAT THE COUPON IS ONLY VALID FOR THE SETTING MARKED IN IT AND YOU CAN ONLY ENTER THE BUFFET WITH THE COUPON!

-All other buffet / restaurant reservations are done on board.


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