Kaljaasi 2017 - All Stars!

What ******* All Stars?
This year Kaljaasi sails for the tenth time on the Baltic Ocean so it is time for a celebration of past years!

What has then been seen on Kaljaasi during the years?
Even though our motto for the longest time has been "What happens in Kaljaasi, stays in Kaljaasi", still let's repeat some of yesteryear's themes:

2010: "Frutti di mare! Mamma mia!"

Mozzarellas, mafiosos and catholic Padre San Giovannis with choir boys could be seen walking around on the first theme cruise.

2011: "Why is the rum gone?"

Pirates, parrots, tourists and all sorts of animals where frolicking around in the ship's corridors.

2012: "Take her to sea Mr. Murdoch!"

Jacks and Roses, oil tycoons, the car scene and sweaty coal men took Kaljaasi safely to Stockholm.

2013: "Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed!"

Welcome to the circus! The program consisted of clowns, magic, strong men and for sure a real gorilla!

2014: "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore"

Dorothy and Toto couldn't believe their eyes when they arrived in the glow of Hollywood! The limelight was guested by classic cartoon characters, terrifying bad guys as well as Marilyn.

2015: "Viva Las Vegas with you neon flashin'"

The neon lights of Las Vegas lead us to slot machines, 5-minute brides and grooms, Raol Dukes and Elvises to the sinful city.

2016: "Doing reality TV would have made me more famous than rich"

Jarttiina and her lifeguards, Jersey Shore, Jaajo, the police, teenage moms and Stewe Irwin saw to it that reality did not go missing in this in this unique smelter.