This years Kaljaasi will be filled with all the most gorgeous music characters, when the 41 hours trip begins. So, find your own inner music star and celebrate like a real star.

Rumour says that Elvis will make several comebacks and someone might spot even the king of pop, Michael Jackson walking down the isle. Mozart has taken all his notes, symphonies and clefs with him, filling the atmosphere with beautiful music. The instruments of the Philharmonic Orchestra are running loose on decks, so prepare yourself!


What ******* All Stars?
Kaljaasi 2017 sailed for the 10th time on the Baltic Ocean so it was time for a celebration of past years!

What has then been seen on Kaljaasi during the years?
Even though our motto for the longest time has been "What happens in Kaljaasi, stays in Kaljaasi", we dived eagerly deeper to the history. None of the past years we're forgotten as all the familiar figures roamed around the ship. You could find the pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Dawson, slots and sluts of Vegas, the strongest and the weirdest of the circus, brightest Hollywood stars and not so bright TV stars. The best bits of the program were also taken from the past years, but there was still something new added in form of Kalja Appro pub crawl on board. Petri Nygård took care of the musical entertainment on the first night and none other that DJ Sash! took us to the wildest 90's parties on the second night!

Kaljaasi 2017 Official After Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mea-XysTY0s


For around 40 hours participants were thrown into reality-tv with bachelors, survivors, Marttiina and other reality stars. For the first time the whole ship was booked and the tickets were sold in an instant. In the costume competition most success were had by unique costumes and convincing performances of the characters. The winner, The Stig known from Top Gear, got himself a brand new tablet and the main musical artist too was also Stig. The participants were treated to varied reality-tv themed entertainment. It was also the virgin trip for the first official song of Kaljaasi 'Älä ruikuta rannalla': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlXCir2_f3o

At the pool party everyone enjoyed awesome music by no other than Paradise Hotel Johnny. No one had to be afrraid since the party was well guarded by the lifeguards. The party went on until the early morning both days and the people responsible for that were DJ Oliver Paris and the party band Beatwave. Again we made it to our home harbour many memories richer, or at least those who remember something.


What happens in Kaljaasi, stays in Kaljaasi. This time we were partying Las Vegas-style. On the stage of Atlantis you could spot Elvis & Co. and there seems to have been an unholy marriage arranged on stage as well. Wonder if they are still on their honeymoon? For many participants the saying "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" came in handy, because who can remember everything? Teflon Brothers had a memorable show for a full crowd and DJ Johnny McMetal kept the party going until the break of dawn. The hangover bingo hostesses had seen their best days and new hostesses took over to provide both hung over and newly drunk students (thanks to the Stockholm pub crawl) with much needed entertainment. It is just awesome when the mood hits the roof and the people party!

Aftermovie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7WZs_Wr7Ng


The red carpet was rolled out in Oscar-fashion as the theme for this year was movies. Again we saw students with breathtaking costumes take over the ship. Spotted were Elsa from Frozen, Ursula, Jigsaw and a heap of other movie characters. On the stage of Atlantis we were greeted by both Marilyn and Jarilyn. Juice seems to have done a quick comeback too! The cruise went just like in the movies and like in 'the hangover': no clear memories of the night remained. Entertainment was provided by Janne Ordén whose rhythm kept participants dancing.

First thing happening the following morning was the first Stockholm pub crawl organized by bileinsinöörit. The pub crawl was a huge success and participants who left in the morning, feeling a hangover, returned to the ship happy and ready for a party. A bit of a slower start to the day was provided by the hangover bingo that again drew crowds more than there were bingo cards. After that the party was started by SuperStefu.

A quote from this cruise is: "How fun would it be if, when we arrive in Helsinki, the Helsinki pub crawl would be on, then we could further postpone the hangover further than Tuesday."

Official aftermovie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u__xorjqbzw


Kaljaasi became a circus and participants were partying like animals. Kaljaasi grew further and the mood hit the roof when a crowd of over a thousand students entered the cruise ship. The mood was kept high all cruise long by strongmen, bearded ladies, animals and ringmasters. Eye candy was provided by the Metropolia hunks of the men calendar and the sensual Sophie le Sucré who served a seducing burlesque show. In the costume competition there was grandeur and brilliance as participants tried their hardest to win the smartphone that was the main prize. The circus is nothing without a magician and magic was provided  by Riku Pajari who left people speechless with his tricks. The mood was further raised by the Kaljaasi totem animals Igor and SuperStefu.


If you wanna see more how the party was in 2013 then check out the aftermovie at:


Silja Serenade turned into Titanic and the theme took us to the beginning of the 20th century. There was no hitting an iceberg this time though and most participants returned in one piece. The festive dance changed into a wild party and on the floor both immense dresses and scenes from Titanic was seen. It was the second time the costume competition was held and gathered a lot of participants. Costumes ranged from the car-scene in the movie, coalmen, reverends and festively dressed beautiful women fighting over the tablet that was the main prize. Entertainment was in form of stand up comedian Tommi Mujunen and the already traditional drink your beer (Juo Kaljaasi)-competition. Kaljaasi-Titanic med it backto Helsinki safely and passengers returned back to tests and lectures.


We took a trip to the Caribbeans to say hello to Jack Sparrow and other pirates. The corridors were filled with students, drunk on rum, that started sounding more and more like pirates the later the time was. This was the first year a costume competition was held gathered a huge amount of participants and the winners of the Jopo-bicycle ended up being a beautiful couple, oars in hand. The first morning of the cruise was beatiful enough for participants to make their way to Burger King in Stockholm (closest one at the time) or went crawling to the pubs. The second night you could see Wallu Valpio, fairies and pirates happily dancing in the most peculiar of positions. This was also the first year Kaljaasi offered musical entertainment by Heartblock, Sam Godfather and Bags of Ohoy who took to the stage.



On the first themed Kaljaasi cruise we sailed to Italy, the land of mafioso and football (Soccer). The cruise exuded both passion, a motherly love like a grappa drunkenness and a really bad grappa hangover. Participants were dressed as mafioso, football-players accompanied by among other things grandmothers, prostitutes and sea captains. In the program there were some immense performances by both organizers and participants. Italy is never a letdown and it certainly wasn't this time either.



On the second Kaljaasi the participant amount had already grown to a couple of hundred. There wasn't a theme yet so most participants wore overalls. The tax free shop tried to stop alcohol sales on the way to Stockholm without succeeding. The overall-wearing students hauled beer and spirits to the cabins in copious amounts because there wasn't much program. The spirits were high and even though a theme and program was missing the participants partied until the home harbour of Helsinki was reached.


The first Kaljaasi sailed on the Baltic Sea in 2008. The amount participants wasn't worth celebrating, but all participants partied their heart out. The party continued until the early morning and for some even longer. The first Kaljaasi didn't really have a theme so clothing consisted mostly of overalls.