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Kaljaasi will cruise on spring 2021.
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Don't whine at the shore!

Dear cruise people,
We are saddend to announce that the Kaljaasi cruise will not be oraganised this autumn due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This decision was made with a heavy heart, but with everybodys health and well being in mind, as safety is of the utmost importance.
However we will not be marooned on the shores to whine and moan about these events for long, but will instead turn course to the future and next year. As long as the currents and winds are favorable, Kaljaasi will set sail again, but not only once, but TWICE! The first time ever in the spring and the second during the familiar autumn. We will be posting more infomation about the upcomingn spring cruise during the autumn months, so stay posted!
Stay safe!

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