Before the cruise!

Read this info carefully!

We would like to remind you of something:

Cash is king on board! Take cash with you so the queues on bars go quicker.

Check-in starts 3.11.2019, at 12:30pm.
The tickets will be given out to everyone PERSONALLY and all passengers have to show proper identification (passport, ID-card).
The tickets have been organized in to alphabetical order, according to LAST NAME, so if your name would be Jenna Davidson your ticket would be found behind the desk marked A-E.

Check-in ends at 4.15pm! Please come early, there is more than couple thousand students checking in at the same time; there will be long lines.
You may enter the ship 1.00pm and gates will be closed at 4.30pm, after which you may not enter! Ship leaves at 5.00pm.

Remember your ID and a valid student card, if you have paid the student price. (Exchange students are treated as students)

Security checks are done before entering the boat and all the forbidden items will be confiscated and destroyed, if you don’t leave them to the safety boxes yourself.
You are not allowed to bring any alcohol or big stereos or speakers to the ship! Smaller portable speakers are allowed on board!
Please leave all forbidden items home or to the safety boxes in the harbour.

The security checks will begin 1.00pm and all the passengers checked are guided to the Atlantis to wait for the cabins. Also the spa is open from 1.00pm, but you can’t bring any big suitcases there.
You may enter your cabin from 3.30pm.

The cabin keycard will be your boarding pass. To prevent the damaging the card, please keep it away from your mobile or any magnets! You may only enter the areas meant for passengers on board. Smoking is only allowed in the marked smoking areas. Decks 7 and 12, on the left side of the ship and smoking room on deck 12.

On the way to Stockholm only people 20 years and over may buy alcohol from Tax Free and on the way to Helsinki everybody over 18 may buy alcohol.
Damaging ship’s property or any unsafe action is prohibited and will be punished. Please inform ship´s personnel if you see any violations or need help.

You will receive a coloured, separate coupon for the buffet. Check the correct time and setting from the coupon before boarding!

Note! You need to enter the setting latest 15 minutes after the beginning. The coloured coupon will be valid only for the specific setting.

We´re all responsible for our own actions! Take care of your buddies too!
Let’s go! :)

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