Answers to your questions

-Some of you got left without a Limited Edition -overall badge, because the system was giving an error message when ordering. The overall badge can now be ordered separately for as long as there is stock left or until 26.9 at

-Possible passenger changes are made digitally. The form and more information can be found here: (Bookings and cancellation-section)

-Changes should be dealt with withing 2 days and the new passenger will get a confirmation to their e-mail when it is done. The change-ticket in the notifiers wallet will be used.

-Changes regarding dining can be made through e-mail at

- If you sell your ticket forward, there is no need to send the ticket from the since they will not be used for redeeming tickets. Boarding passes are handed out in the harbor against your name, proved by a valid id so just fill out the change form.

-The system has sent out a receipt to the orderer and order confirmations to all passengers in a cabin.The receipt will be delivered to the email registered to the account. The order confirmation is an e-mail filled with information and the receipt is a summary of the purchase. Neither is needed when redeeming the ticket from the harbor.

-If you have filled in the e-mail wrong for any of the passengers or a passenger has not received an order confirmation, don't worry. In the order confirmation is only the schedule etc. but it is not needed for redeeming your ticket. You can send the order confirmation to the passenger who is missing it.

Answer to the question "What is Allstars?" can be found on the page

-No electric devices for cooking are allowed onboard. Check the allowed items from the security regulations or contact TallinkSilja.

Most information can be found on our webpage: and if something is still unclear, Facebook and e-mail will serve you aswell :)

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